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Capital letters (FIFTY SHADES OF GREY FREED OST) |   Thể loại: Pop

Intro: [C Em Am Am ] Verse1: Never was a [C]leader Never had a [Em]thing for fairytales Not really a [Am]believer, oh-oh [G ]  Small voice in the [C]quiet Guess I never [Em]dared to know myself Can my heart beat [Am]quiet? No [G ]  Pre-chorus: But then there was [F]you (but then there was you) Yeah, then there was [Dm]you Pull me out of the crowd You were telling the [Am]truth (you were telling the truth) [G]Yeah (yeah, yeah) I got something to [F]say now 'Cause you tell me that [Dm]there's no way I couldn't go Nothing I couldn't [Gsus4]do [G]Yeah  Chorus: I want to get [C]louder I got to get [Dm]louder We 'bout to go [Am]up baby, up we go We 'bout to go [F]up baby, up we go We're blowing out [C]speakers Our heart a little [Dm]clearer We 'bout to go[Am ]up baby, up we go We 'bout to go [G]up baby, up we go  Post-chorus: For worst or for [F]better Gonna give it to [G]you In capital [Am]letters  Verse2: We put a crack in the [C]shadows And you tell me it's [Em]okay to be the light And not to swim in the [Am]shallows No, no [G]And I wanna get [C]drunk with you When we lie so [Em]still, but you're taking me places Holding me [Am]onto you And we don't care who's watching us, [G]baby  
Ca sỹ: Hailee Steinfeld , BloodPop