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By My Side

Ca sĩ: N/A | Điệu: Điệu Blues | 10
[C]Kiss me, [G]goodbye, gone too [Am]soon 
I did [F]give you my [G]heart can't [C]deny 
[C]Hold on, [G]let go, [Am]never sure 
[F]Only can make [G]believe all this [C]time 
[C]Coffee, [G]cigarettes, not [Am]my style 
[F]Pretty faces [G]around but [C]not right 
[C]Don't cry, [G]won't cry, I [Am]won't cry 
[F]Be with you [G]I just close my [C]eyes 
[F]So far away I can [G]hardly make you [C]mine 
[F]So long the day [G]you were always on my [C]mind 
[F]But in my dreams [G]never try to hold you [C]tight 
[F]Don't want awake [G]find you ain't here by my [C]side 
Cập nhật: 26/06/2018 Lượt xem: 10
Tác giả: N/A Thể loại: Unknown