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Melting |   Thể loại: Nhạc Ngoại

Tone chuan la Ab. Capo 1 choi G Intro: [G Bm Am D ] Verse1: [G]You are my church, you are my place of worship [Bm ]I heard you're the plug, can I be the circuit? [Am]When I got court, I hope that you're the verdict [D]When you're around, my insides turn inverted  [G ]My blood start to rush when I see you, darling [Bm]I know you're nearby and I know your purpose [Am]Take one look at you, you're heavens incarnate [D]What is this spell baby, please show some mercy  Chorus: [G]Melting like an [Bm]ice cream When you [Am ]smile [D ] [G]Melting, you're a [Bm]daydream Stay a [Am ]while [D ]  Verse2: [G]I pray that I can learn to be funny [Bm]I am watching every stand-up comedy [Am]Just hoping that it will rub off on me [D]So you will smile at everything I say [G]You got some soft lips and some pearly whites [Bm]I wanna touch them with the dead of night [Am]Your smile ignites just like a candlelight [D]Then somehow I know everything's alright  (Chorus)  [G Bm Am D] 
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