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Butterfly (English version) |   Thể loại: KPOP , ballad

Capo 1 tone [C ]  (Verse) [F]Please don’t think of anyone but me… [C]Please just don't say a thing. A- [Em7]yoo...Just keep smiling at me, [Am]yeah I [F]still can’t believe it with my own eyes. I [C]think maybe this is all a lie A- [Em7]yoo...please don’t you [Am]disappear.  Is it [F]true? Is it [C]true? [Em7]You, you I’m [Am]scared because you’re beautiful Un- [F]true, un- [C]true [Em7]You, you, you  (Pre-chorus) Can you please [F]stay here? Can you promise me [C]one thing? If I touch you, [Em7]will you fly. up to the sky? I’m [Am]scared, I’m scared, so scared.  Can you please [F]stop time? How about [C]rewind? Would you for- [Em7]get everything, that we had? I’m [Am]scared, I’m scared, so scared.  (Chorus) [F]Butterfly, like a [G#]butterfly Like a [Bb]butterfly, you’re beautiful in the [C]sky. [F]Butterfly, like a [G#]buttetfly Like a [Bb]butterfly, you’re not meant to be [C]mine. 
Ca sỹ: Jason Ray

Run (English version) |   Thể loại: KPOP , Pop Ballad

tone [F#m ] (Intro) [D Bm C#m A ] (Verse) You're the [D ]one and only sun, I'm needing in my world, The [Bm ]only one I want, the one I'm falling for So [C#m ]lost without you, don't wanna let you [D ]go, I'm [F#m ]needing you, I know, so don't [E ]leave or let me [F#m ]go.  I'm [D ]trying hard to hold on but I'm crashing, boom, (boom boom) No [Bm ]matter how I run I'm still in the same old room, (room room) Just [C#m ]burn me up okay? Go ahead, push me a-[E]way, This [F#m ]race I'm running, dashing, sprinting just to get to you.  (Hook) [D ]Making me [F#m ]run more (Making) [D ]making me [Bm ]run more, No [C#m ]matter how my feet are swelling up, When I [F#m ]see your smile I know it [E ]will heal up.  (Pre-chorus) Again I [D ]run run run, I just can't seem to stop it, I [Bm ]run run run, I just can't seem to help it, I keep [C#m ]trying in the end I've done nothing, You're the [F#m ]only one that I am still loving  Again I [D ]run run run, don't matter if I'm falling, I [Bm ]run run run, I'm hurting and I'm bawling, [C#m ]Even if you're pushing me away, I'll ac-[F#m]cept this fate I'll be okay.  (Chorus) [D ]Run~ Don't tell me bye bye, [Bm ]Run~ You make me cry cry, [C#m ]Run~ Love is a lie lie, [F#m ]Don't tell me, don't tell me, don't tell me bye bye 
Ca sỹ: Jason Ray