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King of my heart

Ca sĩ: Taylor Swift | Điệu: chọn điệu | 6
[C ]I'm perfectly fine 
I [G ]lived on my own 
I [Dm ]made up my mind i'm better [F ]off being alone 
[G ]We met a [G ]few weeks ago 
Now [Dm]you try on calling me baby [F ]like tryin' on clothes. 
[C]Salute to me, I'm your American Queen 
And you [G]move to me like I'm a Motown beat 
And we [Dm ]rule the kingdom inside my room. [F ] 
Cause [C ]all the boys with their expensive cars with 
Their [G ]Range Rover and their Jaguars 
[Dm ]Never took me quite where you do. [F ] 
And all at once you are the one I have been [G ]waiting for 
King of my heart[Dm], body and soul.[F ] 
And all at [C]once you're all I want I'll never [G ]let you go 
King of my heart[Dm], body and soul.[F ] 
And all at [Dm ]once, I have been waiting, waiting...[F ]oohwah oohwah 
And all at [G ]once, you are the one [Dm ]I 
have been [F ]waiting, waiting.... body and soul 
And all at [C]once. 
[C ]Late in the night 
The [G ]city's asleep 
Your [Dm ]love is a secret 
I'm hoping, [F ]dreaming, dying to keep 
[C ]Change my [G ]priorities 
The [Dm ]taste of your lips is my idea [F ]of luxury. 
Is this the end of all the [G ]endings? 
My broken bones are [Dm ]mending 
With all this nights we're [F ]spending 
Up on the roof with a school girl crush 
Drinking [G ]beer out of plastic cups 
Say you fancy [Dm ]me not fancy stuff 
Baby all at [F ]once this is enough. 
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Tác giả: Max Martin Thể loại: Nhạc Âu Mỹ , Âu Mỹ , US-UK