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Put your head on my shoulder |   Thể loại: Pop

Elvis Presley: "Wise men say only fools rush in" Paul Anka: "And then this fool will rush in" Intro: [GAmD# GCG ] (ooh...) <verse> [G]Put your head on my [Em]shoulder [Am]Hold me [D]in your arms, [G]ba[Em]by [Am]Squeeze me [D]oh-so-tight [G]show [Em]me [Am]that you [D]love me [G]too[EmG ]  [G]Put your lips next to [Em]mine, dear [Am]Won't you [D]kiss me once, [G]ba[Em]by? [Am]Just a [D]kiss goodnight, [G]may[Em]be [Am]You and [D]I will fall in [G]love[CG ](you and I will fall in love)  <chorus> [D]People say that [G]love's a game A [D]game you just can't [G]win If [F#7]there's a way I'll [Bm]find it some day And [A]then this fool will rush [D]in[D7 ]  <verse> Put your head on my [Em]shoulder [Am]Whisper [D]in my ear, [G]ba[Em]by [Am]Words I [D]want to hear [G]tell [Em]me, [Am]tell me [D]that you love me [G]too[D# ](tell me that you love me too)  *Len 1/2 tone* <outro> [G#]Put your head on my shoul[Fm]der [Bbm]Whisper [D#]in my ear, [G#]ba[Fm]by [Bbm]Words I [D#]want to hear, [G#]ba[Fm]by [Bbm]Put your [D#]head on my [G#]shoulder... 
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