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Rather Be

Ca sĩ: Jess Glynn | Điệu: Điệu Disco | 15
Tone gốc B: Capo 4 
(Verse 1) 
We're a [Em]thousand [D]miles from [C]comfort[G], we have [Em]traveled [D]land and [C]sea [G] 
But as [Em]long as [D]you are [C]with me, [G]there's[Am ]no place I rather be 
[Em]I would [D]wait [C]forever[G], [Em]exulted [D ]in the [C]scene [G] 
As [Em]long as [D]I am [C]with you, [G]my[Am ]heart continues to beat 
[Em]With every step we take, [D/F#]Kyoto to The Bay 
[G]Strolling so [Am]casually 
[Em]We're different and the [D/F#]same, gave you another name 
[G]Switch up the [Am]batteries 
[Em]If you [D]gave me a [C]chance I would [G]take it 
[Em]It's a [D]shot in [C]the dark but I'll [G ]make it 
[Em]Know with [D/F#]all of your heart, you [C ]can't [G]shame me 
[Am]When I am [Bm]with you, there's no [C]place I [G]rather be 
[Em]N-n-n-[D]no, no, no, [C ]no place I [G]rather be 
[Em]N-n-n-[D]no, no, no, [C ]no place I [G]rather be 
[Em]N-n-n-[D]no, no, no, [C ]no place I [G]rather be 
(Verse 2) 
We [Em]staked out [D]on a [C]mission [G]to [Em]find our [D]inner [C]peace [G] 
[Em]Make it [D]ever[C]lasting [G ]so [Am]nothing's incomplete 
It's [Em]easy [D]being [C]with you[G], [Em]sacred [D]simplicity [C G] 
As [Em]long as [D]we're [C]together[G], there's [Am]no place I rather be 
[Em]Hmmmmmm[D]mmmm, [C]Hoooooooooo [G] 
[Em]Be [D C G ](9x) 
[Em]Yeah-E-[D]yeah-E-yeah[C]-E-yeah-E-yeah[G], yeah, yeah 
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