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Scott McKenzie

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San Francisco |   Thể loại: Âu Mỹ , Pop

Intro [G ]  Verse [Em]If you're [C]going to [G]San [D]Francisco, [Em]be sure to [C]wear some [G]flowers in your [D]hair. [Em]If you're [G]going to [C]San [G]Francisco, [G]you're gonna [Bm]meet [Em]some gentle people [D]there. [Em]For those who [C]come to [G]San [D]Francisco [Em]summer [C]time will [G]be a love in [D]there. [Em]In the [G]streets of [C]San [G]Francisco, [G]gentle [Bm]people with [Em]flowers in their [D]hair.  Chorus [F]All across the nation, [Em ] [F]such a strange vibration, [G]People in motion. [F]There's a whole generation, [Em ] [F]with a new explanation, [G]People in motion, [D]people in motion.  Verse [Em]For those who [AmC]come to [G]San [BmD]Francisco, [Em]be sure to [C]wear some [G]flowers in your [D]hair. [Em]If you [G]come to [C]San [G]Francisco, [G]summer [Bm]time will [Em]be a love-in [D]there.  Outro [Em]If you [F#m]come to [A]San [DA]Francisco [AC#m]Summertime will [F#m]be a [A]love-in there 
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