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Secret Garden

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Song For A Stormy Night |   Thể loại: Unknown

The [Em]rain beats hard at [Bm]my window While [C]you, so softly [G]do sleep And [Am]you can’t hear the cold [Em]wind blow [Am]You are sleeping [Bm]so deep Outside [Em]its dark, the [Bm]moon hiding By [C]starlight only [G]I see The [Am]hosts of the night-time [Em]go riding But [Am]you are safe here [D]with me Chorus So, [G]while the world out there [Bm]is sleeping And [C]everyone wrapped [G]up so tight Oh, [Am]I am a vigil here [Em]keeping [F]On this [D]stormy night I [G]promised I always would [Bm]love you If [C]skies would be grey or [Em]be blue I [Am]whisper the prayer now [Em]above you That [Am]there will always [Bm]be you Sometimes [Em], we're just [Bm]like the weather [C]Changing by day [G]after day As [Am]long as we'll be [Em]together [A]Storms will pass [Bm]away I [Em]said I would guard and [Bm]protect you [C]Keep you free from [G]all harm And [Am]if life should ever [Em]reject you That [Am]love would weather [D]each storm (Back to Chorus) (Short Break) [Em]Soon, I know you'll [Bm]be waking, [C]Ask did I sleep- did [G]I write? And [Am]I'll just say I was [Em]making A [Am]song... for a [Bm]stormy [Em]night. 
Ca sỹ: Secret Garden

Nocturne |   Thể loại: Nhạc Âu Mỹ

Tone chuan la Gm. Capo 3 choi Em Intro: [Em Bm Em Bm Am Em Am Am Em Em Em Em ]  [Em]Now let the [Bm]day Just [Em]slip a[Bm]way So the [Am]dark night may [Em]watch over [Am]you [Em]Velvet [Bm]blue, [Em]silent [Bm]true It em[Am]braces your [Em]heart and your [Am]soul Noc[Em]turne  Never [Bm]cry, never [Em]sigh You don't [Am6]have to wonder [Em]why Always [Bm]be, always [Em]see Come and [Am]dream the night with [Bm]me Noc[Em]turne  [Em]Have no [Bm]fear When the [Em]night draws [Bm]near And [Am]fills you with [Em]dreams and de[Am]sire Like a [Em]child a[Bm]sleep So [Em]warm, so [Bm]deep You will [Am]find me there [Em]waiting for [Am]you Noc[Em]turne  ĐK: We will [Bm]fly, claim the [Em]sky We don't [Am6]have to wonder [Em]why Always [Bm]be, always [Em]see Come and [Am6]dream the night with [Bm]me Noc[Em]turne  Though [Em]darkness [Bm]lay It [Em]will give [Bm]way When the [Am]dark night [Em]delivers the [Am]day Noc[Em]turne 
Ca sỹ: Anne Takle , Secret Garden