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The One

Ca sĩ: Kodaline | Điệu: chọn điệu | 10
Capo 2 (Tone gốc A) 
Verse 1: 
[G]Tell me, tell me that you [D]want me 
I'll be yours com-[C]pletely for better or for [G]worse 
And [G]I know we have our disa - [D]greements 
Fighting for no [C]reason, wouldn't change it for the [G]world 
And [G]I knew, the first day that I [D]met you 
Was never gonna [C]let you, let you slip [G]away 
And [G ]I still remember being [D]nervous 
Trying to find the [C]words to get you here [G]today 
[C]'Cause you make my [D]heart feel like it's [G]summer 
[C]When the [D]rain is pouring [G]down 
[C]You make my [D]whole world [G]feel [D/F#]so [Em]right when it's [C]wrong 
That's why I [D]know you are the [G]one 
[C]That's why I [D]know you are the [G]one 
[GDCG ] 
Verse 2: 
[G]In life, it's easy to be [D]scared of 
With you I am [C]prepared for what has yet to [G]come 
[G]Cause our two hearts will make it [D]easy 
Joining up the [C]pieces, together making [G]one 
[Em]When we are together you [G]make me feel like my [C]mind is free 
And my dreams are [G]reachable (oh-oh-oh-[D]oooh) 
You [Em]know I never ever [G]believed in love or believed [C]one day 
That you would come [G]along (oh-oh-oh-[D]oooh) and free me 
Cập nhật: 26/06/2018 Lượt xem: 10
Tác giả: Kodaline Thể loại: Indie