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This Love Acoustic

Ca sĩ: Maroon 5 | Điệu: Điệu Disco | 17
[G Cm Fm G]................ 
Verse 1: 
[G]I was so high I didn't [Cm]recognize 
the fire [Fm]burning in her eyes, the chaos that [G]controlled my mind.... 
[G]Whispered goodbye and she got [Cm]on a plane 
Never to [Fm]return again but always in my [G]heart 
[Cm]This [Fm]love has [Bb7]taken its [Eb]toll on me 
[Cm]She said [Fm]goodbye too [Bb7]many times [Eb]before 
[Cm]Her [Fm]heart is [Bb7]breaking in [Eb]front of me 
[Cm]I have no [Fm]choice, [Bb7]I won't say [Eb]goodbye [G Cm Fm G]anymore 
Verse 2: 
I tried my best to feed her appetite 
Keep her coming every night 
So hard to keep her satisfied 
Kept playing love like it was just a game 
Pretending to feel the same 
Then turn around and leave again 
[Fm]I'll fix these broken things 
[Eb]Repair your broken wings 
[G7]And make sure everything's [Cm]alright 
[Fm]My pressure on your hips 
[Eb]Sinking my fingertips 
[G]Into every inch of you Cause I know that's what you want me to do 
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