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Túy âm (English version)

Ca sĩ: Xesi | Điệu: Điệu Disco | 19
capo 3 
(I'm) sinking [Am]myself into[Em ]overflowing [Dm]glasses [E ] 
Crying drunk [Am]tears, drink with [Em]me 'til we fly [Dm]off the[E ]ground 
Those days have [Am]gone so far[Em ]with the [Dm]passion we[E ]had 
The eyes of [Am]blues drifting [Em]away as the wind [Dm]blows [E ] 
Get drunk with[Am ]me, sing with [Em]me and cry with[Dm ]me 
One more[Em ]time 
So I can [Am]be next to [Em]your heart for [Dm]a while [E ] 
(The) vision[Am ]of you [Em]blurred [F]when I was [G]drowning 
[Am]Guess it's way too [Em]much for you to [Dm]bear[E ] 
Though it's [Am]impossible for [Em]us 
[Dm]To be together to[Em ]walk the [Am]miles 
And keep the [Em]hope for a new [Dm]dawn [E ] 
Life goes on [Am]with the ups and [Em]downs 
[Dm]Then we just fell [Em]out 
Keep getting [Am]drunk to lose our [Em]minds, to burn our [Dm]hearts[E] 
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