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Nearness is to love |   Thể loại: ballad

[DGCFD ] [G]broken and blue I sit here all alone there's an emptiness[Bm ]inside me [C]biding time just waiting for you  [G]it's all in my mind [C]I try to tell myself take a breath [G]and count to three[Bm ] [C]and you're all that I see  [G]when I'm [D]without you [C]when you leave me [D]on my[Em ]own [Bm]minutes hours turn[C ]to days and I just don't know[G ]what to do I'm nothing[D ]without you [C]don't ever[D ]let me[G ]go [G]words of fondness is to broken hearts [G]as nearness is to love  [G]look in those eyes [C]you've known it all along [Em]ever patient [Bm]in your silence [C]though your warmth is more than[G ]enough  [G]I'm sorry that I [C]I haven't been myself [Em]don't you know[Bm ]it's clear to see that you're[D ]all that I need[G ]  [G]when I'm without you [C]when you leave me[D ]on my [Em]own [Bm]minutes hours turn[C ]to days and I just [G]don't know what to do I'm nothing[D ]without you [C]don't ever[D ]let me [Em]go [Bm]words of fondness is to [C]broken hearts [G]as nearness is to love  [D]maybe I'm asking too much [Bm]but there's no [G]other way [Cm]so I pray that you're always by my side[DEbC#Ab ]  [Eb]when I'm without you [Fm]abandon me by myself [C#]minutes hours[Ab ]turn to days [C#]and I just don't know what to do [Ab]saying I love[Eb ]you [C#]it's not what I want at all words of fondness is[Fm ]to broken hearts as nearness is [Ab]to love when I'm[Eb ]without you [C#]when you leave me [Eb]on my own [Fm]minutes hours[Cm ]turn [C#]to days and I just don't know[Ab ]what to do I'm nothing without [Eb]you [Fm]don't ever[Ab ]let me go words of fondness is to[Bbm ]broken hearts as nearness is[C ]to love[Dm ] [Bbm]by my side your nearness is[Eb ]to love[C#Eb] 
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